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Latest Industry Updates - SNF Five-Star Rating Changes

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Engage Consulting serves as a trusted partner to Skilled Nursing Facilities to achieve excellence across a facility with optimal outcomes. Our experts bring the latest legislative and procedural insights that shape our industry and impact daily operations.

Our experts have summarized important information you need to know regarding recent changes by CMS.

Five-Star Changes

Effective with the July 2022 refresh, CMS is modifying the methodology for calculating the Staffing Star Rating, which will now be based on six separate staffing measures. Along the same lines as the way Quality Measures are calculated, points will now be assigned based on a SNFs performance on each the six measures. The points are added together, and the total staffing score is compared to the staffing rating points threshold to assign a rating of one to five stars. Previously, only the first two measures were used to determine a facility Staffing Star Rating. These new six measures include:
· Total nurse staffing levels
· RN staffing levels
· Total nurse staffing levels on weekend
· Total nurse turnover
· Registered Nurse turnover
· Administrator turnover

Overall Quality Rating Changes

Also effective with the July 2022 refresh, CMS is changing the methodology for assigning the overall quality star rating. In the past, if a SNF scored a four or five-star rating for staffing, they received one additional star in their overall star rating. Now, only SNFs with a five-star staffing score will receive an increase in their overall star rating.

To view more information on the six additional measures and the full methodology for assigning overall quality star rating, visit the Technical Users’ Guide here.

You can obtain a detailed look at what these changes mean to your facility Star Rating. The Five-Star Preview Reports were made available from CASPER Reporting on July 20, 2022 and can be found automatically in your facility folder “My Inbox”. These changes were published to the Medicare Care Compare website on July 27, 2022 for public reporting.

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