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For each of our partners, we work directly with leadership and interdisciplinary teams to educate and guide new practices that improve quality outcomes based on the individual needs of each facility.  Our approach allows us to uncover opportunities, then implement new practices, performance management measures and benchmarks to reach the broader vision of your operation. 
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Auditing & Training

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Operations &

Performance Management

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Partnerships start with a complementary discovery phase where a consultant from Engage Consulting meets with key stakeholders to discuss needs and concerns.  We dive deep to explore the overall state of operations, the structure of departments, case load, processes and quality challenges.  In many cases initial auditing will be completed including MDS, PDPM, and Case Mix to examine opportunities with an Initial Accuracy Review.  This allows us to uncover needs, establish training objectives and far-reaching opportunities that extend from there. 


Auditing & Training 

Once initial objectives are established, we take an even closer look by reviewing additional past MDSs and medical records and interfacing directly with staff and patients.  We bring the full IDT together to review documentation and discrepancies and this is the opportunity for new education and training. At this point we develop new practices as needed, and a customized program for effective collaboration and accountability measures. 


Operations Optimization & Performance Management 

As new methods are put into practice with the IDT staff, we continue to work with leadership to meet new benchmarks and put new performance management methods into practice based on the needs of the individual facility.  Regular meetings and communication methods are established with our consultants, often monthly visits, to facilitate team meetings, Case Mix, PDPM and sometimes triple check review.  Together, we discuss what practices are working well, resolve discrepancies and make sure that no opportunities are missed before submitting claims. 


Ongoing Calibration 

Ongoing support, guidance, and mentorship of our client teams is one of the hallmarks of our services in order to drive continuous improvements that meet your long-term goals.  Once initial needs are met, we can continue to serve as a second layer of support, offering education for the senior leadership and direct care team, regular communication, as well as ongoing review and guidance to ensure accuracy of quality measures, focused chart reviews, and mock surveys. 

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