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CMS FY 2023 CHANGES - What SNF leaders need to know

In recent months, CMS has announced a series of changes that impact SNFs from a regulatory, reimbursement, MDS, and quality perspective. Watch this 30 minute presentation from Engage Consulting and Concept Rehab that highlights the major changes that occurred on October 1, 2022 and beyond.

Watch this 30-minute video to stay up to date and prepare to effectively lead your organization through changes for FY 2023 with a focus on the following:
Medicare A Reimbursement Updates: Download the updated PDPM Analyzer and Quick Guides
SNF Quality Reporting Program Updates: What you need to know about the upcoming influenza vaccination season
Annual Payment Updates: Significance of CDC NHSN Reporting
SNF Value Based Purchasing Updates: Future Impacts to Medicare Reimbursement
10/1/2023 MDS 3.0 Updates: Get an advanced look at upcoming changes to expect to the MDS next year

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